Wool Carpet Care Tips

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As wool carpets are both beautiful and expensive, they demand a little extra effort to maintain. Here are some wool carpet care tips from Rainier Chem-Dry – Tacoma’s carpet cleaning experts:

Vacuum frequently. A benefit of wool carpets is that their naturally dull appearance is adept at hiding soil; but that doesn’t mean you should vacuum them less regularly than other types of carpets. Wool fibers are strong, but not too strong to be worn down by deep-down grit.

Use the right vacuum. The best type of vacuum for cut pile wool carpet is an upright model with a beater bar/brush. For loop pile Berber carpets, a suction-only vacuum may be required to prevent excessive fuzz.

Be ready for spills. Wool carpets owe their rich color to the fact that they accept dye so easily; unfortunately, they can also be stained more easily than typical carpets. Be sure to keep paper towels, absorbent cloth, and wool-safe cleaning solutions on hand for quick response to accidents.

Use wool-safe cleaners: Wood is sensitive to carpet cleaners with low or high pH values – in fact, bleach can completely dissolve wool carpets. Stick with cleaning solutions with close-to-neutral pH values of between 5.5 and 8. We recommend Chem-Dry’s own Wool Safe® products.

Leave dirt and moisture at the door. Better to have a dirty, easily-replaced door mat than a dirty, hard-to-replace wool carpet. So, place absorbent mats at the entrances to your home; when they become dirty, launder or change them.

Change your air filter regularly. When the filters in your air conditioning and heating systems become dirty, so will your carpet. Be sure to change your air filter as directed.

Schedule carpet cleanings. Even if you follow these tips, Rainier Chem-Dry recommends a professional carpet cleaning every 12 months. After a cleaning, wool carpets look especially great; because wool fibers swell with moisture, they release soil more easily than other types.

We think that your wool carpets deserve a cleaning from Tacoma’s cleaning experts. Call Rainier Chem-Dry today or fill out our contact form to get a quote or schedule an appointment. We clean the finest carpets – wool and otherwise – in Tacoma, Puyallup, Kent, Bremerton, Federal Way, and nearby.